Our Treatment Approach

Clinically we tailor a program of recovery and wellness through an interdisciplinary approach utilizing the vast resources at VIP and within our community. Each client’s program is customized to meet them where they are on their path to self-sufficiency. We have a team of experienced professionals who can help and offer positive outcomes.  

Opioid Treatment Program 

OTP, Methadone, Suboxone, Health, ClinicVIP’s CARF Accredited OTP offers a comprehensive approach to Medication Supported Recovery serving individuals with a diagnosis of opioid dependence and heroin addiction. At VIP we offer Methadone and Suboxone. Every client meet's with our lead physician to discuss their best medication option. Medication services are supported by individual and family counseling, group services, self-help programming, and medical and case management services. There is no appointment needed and individuals are encouraged to walk-in to begin the intake process. 


25,000 Clients treated for alcohol/drug addiction annually. 
1,500 Clients served daily in our Opioid Treatment Program 

Outpatient Treatment 

VIP’s Outpatient Treatment program offers a full complement of recovery services including individual and group counseling, mental health support, medical assessment, follow-up, and smoking cessation. Specialties include use of art therapy, re-entry services, recreation and fitness, as well as gender specific services for women to support with significant trauma histories.

In-Patient Residential Treatment 

Our Men’s and Women’s residences offer gender specific intensive residential treatment in a therapeutic environment with a focus on recovery and self-sufficiency. Specific services include forensic and reentry services, education and vocational planning, mental health support, and family reunification.

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