Casa Esperanza’s Vocational Initiative

Casa Esperanza is proud to announce that our new Vocational Initiative has joined the VIP Community Services Family.  This initiative began through the hard work and dedication of our previous Shelter Director, who submitted a proposal to the Department of Homeless Services that enabled us to expand our onsite services through a grant that allows us to aide residents to:Computer Lab, Upgrade, New, Grant, Computers

  • Increase job readiness and develop independent living skills
  • Decrease recidivism for clients exiting the shelter
  • Increase client engagement in productive activities and long-term goal setting
  • Strengthen client’s sobriety and self-sufficiency


Vocational Services

This initiative has also allowed for the addition of a full time Vocational Coordinator and full time Vocational/Aftercare Worker, Ms. Maria Aponte and Ms. Nicole Nesbitt aka Nezzy.  Vocational services are not limited to Employment and Recovery Groups, Resume Writing, Cover Letter/Thank You Letter Writing and Mock Interviewing. Computer Lab, Casa E, New, Computer, Grant, Shelter, Home

We are also excited about the capital improvements that this initiative has provided because we are now able to provide a Computer Lab for our residents to be able to engage in online job search and housing search.


Maria Aponte, Vocational Coordinator

VIP Community Services, Casa Esperanza

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