Integration Project

Integration Peer NavigatorVIP Community Services/Integration Project provides a co-location of coordinate and integrate care [behavioral health, prevention, HIV and Hepatitis C medical services] for racial/ethnic minority population, (men and women 18 years of age and over, primary for African-American and Hispanic/Latino populations of the Bronx), at high risk for behavioral disorders and a high risk for or living with HIV or Hepatitis C. We also integrate unique needs of veterans and their families while providing services were appropriate.

The Integration Project is an integrative program with Behavioral Health staff and Peer Recovery staff.  The initial Intake of clients is facilitated by the Peer Recovery Navigators.  The Project Manager completes the psychosocial and develops a service plan for each client. Since we are co-located in the facility and integrated within each program the clients are willing to be seen on the same day so there is a “warm hand off” to one of the Service Pathways listed below:

Integration Staff Picture Access- Residential & Outpatient Substance Abuse Services

 Wellness & Health Services 

 HIV & Hep C Counseling and Testing 

Group Sessions

Vocational & Educational Services 

Childcare Monitoring 

External Referrals 

Escort Transportation 

For those who move through this service delivery process, staff follow-up with the primary counselor and provide weekly reports on outcomes which is shared during case conference forums and documented in AWARDS (EHR).

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