Wellness Center

Mental Health Services

VIP Community Services offers full Mental Health Services. The Wellness Center is an independent Article 31 Mental Health Outpatient Clinic. We are licensed by NY State Office of Mental Health to provide services to Adults 18 + from the Bronx and surrounding communities.  VIP is equip to treat this dual diagnosis, many clients suffer with co-occurring disorder which is both a substance abuse problem and mental health issue. 

Our staff includes Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Master Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and a Psychiatrist who work together to provide clients with the treatment necessary to their needs.

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Health Monitoring
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Psychotherapy- Individual/Family/Collateral/Group
  • Psychotropic Medication Treatment/Management

We offer the opportunity to have individual, group, or family psychotherapy sessions, scheduled at your convenience, provided by licensed, qualified mental health therapists.

Sometimes called “talk therapy”, psychotherapy offers clients the opportunity to speak (either one-to-one, including significant others, or with a carefully selected group of peers), about whatever may be bothering, worrying, concerning, or stressing them. Whether you have previously been diagnosed with a Psychiatric condition,  or just feel dissatisfied with the way your life is going, it can be beneficial to have the services of a trained listener, who can help you to express and clarify your true feelings, and support you in deciding on realistic next steps you could take to improve your situation. If you are currently taking or might benefit from the use of Psychiatric medications, we have 2 Psychiatric consultants who can be scheduled for evaluations, prescriptions, and medication monitoring.

We accept referrals from any VIP Programs, the Medical Services, hospitals, or anyone who feels they may benefit from therapy.

Clients are seen in a comfortable, private, professional setting, and encouraged to work collaboratively with their therapists on setting goals and deciding upon their course of treatment. When appropriate and with client consent, our staff also works cooperatively with other service providers, and can sometimes provide letters of support, or referrals for other services, to individuals dealing with child welfare, Courts, housing, or other medical agencies.

Ryan White Wellness Program

Ryan White Mental Health Program provides integrated, HIV focused mental health treatment along with preventive and supportive services to adults (18 & older) living with HIV/AIDS and mental illness, with or without co-occurring substances use disorders.  The program aims to improve client's adherence to treatment while reducing depression, anxiety, substance use as well as client's reliance on acute care.  A unique feature of the program is that all services can be provided off-site and in the client's home.

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