By Carol Anderson, OTP Clinical Counselor

COVID-19 has been a challenging time for us all. Without a doubt it has not been easy, but we have not given up. I have learned a long time ago that you can’t hit a moving target, so with my personal protective equipment (PPE), I have worked persistently and kept it moving.

As a team, the Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) has worked diligently, effortlessly, and tirelessly, on getting the job done. Together we have learned new technologies, and new ways of communicating with one another through Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

During COVID-19, I have learned the meaning of commitment as the OTP team came to work daily to continue our services at the office, while some departments worked remotely from home.

We continue to transition to the “new norm” and adjusting to the many changes that presented itself in such a short span of time. My face has yet to become accustomed to wearing a mask nor my hands wearing gloves. However, the designer masks can be fun, adding excitement to your wardrobe.

It has been a pleasure to be available for the patients via telehealth calls during the pandemic, and to know that the support was valued and that it made a difference. Hopefully this experience will keep us encouraged and aware of the strength that we all possess as an amazing team and an outstanding organization.

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