VIP Community Services honors the Hispanic Federation.

Hispanic Federation (HF) is the nation’s premier Latino nonprofit membership organization. Founded in 1990, HF seeks to empower and advance the Hispanic community, support Hispanic families, and strengthen Latino institutions through work in the areas of education, health, immigration, civic engagement, economic empowerment, & the environment.

Hispanic Federation serves as a national model for Latino social, political, and economic empowerment. With a strong presence in New York, Florida, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, and other key states throughout the U.S., HF works to uplift millions of Hispanic children, youth, and families across the country. In addition, the Washington, DC office gives HF a true national advocacy presence. HF works locally, state-wide, and nationally to strengthen Latino nonprofits, promote public policy advocacy, and bring to scale a portfolio of innovative community programs.

Hispanic Federation’s effectiveness lies in its depth of relationships with Latino communities and strength of connection with grasstops and grassroots stakeholders. These strong bonds with community leaders, media, corporations, and local & national elected officials allow HF to work deeply in communities and pursue systemic change in its issue areas.

VIP Community Services is privileged to honor the Hispanic Federation, with particular emphasis on the good work of the HS staff in all its regions.