We now offer OpenNotes via our Patient Portal
When you visit VIP Community Services for an appointment, your provider creates a note in your medical record about your visit. The note contains details from your visit and information about your diagnosis and treatment.

Click Here to read your notes via your Patient Portal account.

Why are we sharing notes?
Studies show that most patients remember less than half of what they discuss with their provider. To help you get your essential information, OpenNotes lets you review the details of your visit at any time. Sharing your medical information helps you and your health care team be on the same page. According to research, patients who read their notes:

  • Can recall their care plan better
  • Take better care of themselves
  • Do a better job at taking medications as prescribed
  • Feel more in control of their care
  • Understand their health and medical conditions better

Here are some suggestions to get the most out of reading your notes:

  • Read the note after the visit to remind you what was discussed and the treatment plan, including changes in your medication, testing, appointments, or any referrals needed.
  • Review the note between visits to make sure you are on track with recommended follow up.
  • Consider sharing your note with a trusted care giver or family member to help you carry out the plan.
  • Read the note before your next visit to help you prepare. Identify any current issues that have come up since your last visit.

Which notes can I see?
Patients 18 and older can see notes from all their visits to VIP.
When can I see a note from my visit?
You will be able to find your notes in our Patient Portal when your provider completes it.
How do I find my notes?
1. Log in to the Patient Portal: https://mycw24.eclinicalweb.com/portal2043/jsp/100mp/login_otp.jsp
2. Click on the Medical Records tab
3. Select Visit Summary
4. Select the Visit you want to see
5. Click Visit Summary on the right to view your provider’s notes from that visit.

Can I see notes in the Patient Portal mobile phone app?
No, you can only access your notes through the web portal.
What if I do not understand something written in the note?
Remember that your provider uses the note to manage your care and communicate with others involved in your care, so it may contain medical terms you may not know. If you find the note difficult to understand because of unfamiliar terms or abbreviations, this common medical abbreviations table may help or contact your VIP provider.
I am worried about my privacy. Who else has access to this information?
Your medical information can only be viewed by people who are involved in your care. Providers must follow strict confidentiality rules. To ensure your information is private, do not share your Patient Portal login and password information. When you finish looking at your notes, ALWAYS log out to avoid others looking at your medical information.
Is it possible for me to see my entire medical record?
All VIP patients have a right to request their full medical record, including providers’ notes.
What if I see an error? How can I request a change to my note or record?
You can notify your VIP Community Services provider so that they can correct the error and update your
notes accordingly.

If you need help accessing your Patient Portal:

Contact 1-646-256-7571.