IMPORTANT NOTICE: VIP continues to serve our patients and residents during this COVID-19 period. As always, we are prioritizing safety, health, and cleanliness in all of our facilities. Please view our HOURS OF OPERATION page for the latest times and care options including telehealth. For additional assistance, please call us at 718-583-5150. For emergencies, please call 9-1-1.

VIP’s Integration Project coordinates and integrates behavioral health, prevention, HIV and Hepatitis C medical services for racial/ethnic minority populations at high risk for behavioral and physical health conditions. We also provide services to Veterans and their families.Behavioral Health and Peer Recovery staff work closely with clients to get them to wellness. The integration project is co-located within each of VIP’s clinical services. As such, there is a “warm hand off” to one of the Service Pathways listed below:

For clients that receive services through the Integration Project our staff follows up with the primary counselor and provides weekly reports on outcomes. Information is shared during case conferences and documented in our Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Contact us for more information about Integration.