The end of the year is a time of reflection for all of us. As this challenging year winds down, we invite you to read our Impact Report and reflect on some of the highlights and outcomes we’ve accomplished together.
Thanks to the private financial contributions from so many friends and family, VIP Community Services has continued to meet the needs of thousands of individuals across our four main service pillars including Health and Wellness for all agesAddiction ServicesHousing and Shelter, and Job Readiness.
We are deeply grateful for those who have joined with us in our mission to improve the health and well-being of the Bronx and beyond. Thank you for helping us continue to be a reliable resource for a community disproportionately affected by many challenges including COVID-19, the opioid epidemic, and a 25% unemployment rate in the Bronx.
Stories of Impact
We are proud to share our Stories of Impact series, featuring four video profiles of individuals whose lives have been transformed by one or more of our service pillars. After listening to the stories of Levern (Health & Wellness), John (Addiction Services), Janna (Housing & Shelter), and Miguel (Job Readiness), we encourage you to make a contribution that reflects your level of commitment to the lives we serve.
Click on the buttons below to read our 2019-2020 Impact Report or support our work in the Bronx and beyond. Thank you for helping us further our mission to change lives and transform our community.