We’re committed to making health care accessible to the community by taking advantage of our location in the Bronx and sending outreach workers into the community, to visit local businesses, attend events, conduct home visits, and more. Outreach workers speak with the public about the full range of services that are offered at VIP, including Comprehensive Primary Care, PrEP Administration, Confidential HIV and Hep C Testing and Treatment, and much more.

We offer a PrEP/PEP program as part of the U=U (Undetectable=Untransmittable) Campaign. PrEP and PEP are HIV prevention medications for individuals who are HIV negative and participate in risky sexual behavior. An onsite PrEP Specialist educates and engages PrEP/PEP patients.

We also provide Retention and Adherence (RAP) services to patients who are HIV positive and need assistance with Medication Management. An onsite RAP specialist helps patients adhere to their medication with the goal of suppressing their viral load and to build new health daily living skills, all while focusing on barriers to treatment the patients may be facing. RAP is also part of the U=U Campaign.