By News 12 Staff | Apr 29, 2021, 5:41pm EDT | Updated on:Apr 29, 2021, 6:12pm EDT

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VIP Community Services changed the life of one Bronx woman and continues to be a staple for the Bronx community.
The organization was founded in 1974. It was initially created to help with substance abuse and has evolved over the decades.
It now offers a host of services, including health and wellness, housing, job readiness and drug treatment programs.
The many programs are anchored in a longstanding partnership between VIP and its medical provider, HealthFirst.
Levern Vann credits the organization for turning her life around. She says she first began to use its services back in 2017 when she was living in one of the VIP’s shelters.
She says it’s been a journey toward recovery for her mental and physical health, as well as overcoming drug addiction.
Vann says she’s in a better place because of the numerous services she received at VIP.